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western: relating to the western world, as opposed to the eastern or oriental parts; moving toward the west
I've only traveled to western countries, but I would love to go to China or Thailand.


  • "Icarus : Using high pitch frequencies emitted by the global positioning device in Bruno's helicopter, and then cross referencing them both with the amount of fuel in the helicopter as well as all known latitude and longitudes in both the eastern and western hemispheres, I was able to project Bruno and Susie's trajectory and landing location within one kilometer!"
  • "It's no secret that Chinese companies have all but cornered the market on production and manufacturing, creating everything from A to Z for Western companies at favorable rates."
  • "Then we'll need an education branch to spread our Western propaganda, I'll probably have to wear some local garb to fit in."
  • "From a business perspective, the advantages for western companies are undeniable."
  • "With the resources at his disposal, it wouldn't surprise anyone to see Wang come away with a new western subsidiary to play with."
  • "I'm in the middle of sabotaging an election in Western Europe."
  • "All signs indicate that outsourcing is providing an enormous economic service for western corporations, permitting them to save time and money by subcontracting their production to offshore companies."
  • "Mrs. Brady's International School of English is situated in the delightful countryside of Cornwall, a county rich in history and legends located at the south-western tip of England."

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