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(he goes) wherever (he wants): (he goes to) every place, all the places (that he wants to go to)

wherever (you are from): regardless of where (you are from), no matter where (you are from)

(- Where do you want to eat?) - Wherever: (- Where do you want to eat?) - I don't mind where, any place is good.


  • "On behalf of the entire flight crew, we would like to thank you once again for choosing English Airlines, and we wish you a pleasant stay in London, or wherever your travels may take you."
  • "Let me offer you a voucher for 50 dollars good wherever Delavigne products are sold."
  • "Philip : I'll eat my burrito wherever I please, Jean."
  • "Outback Cologne for men is available wherever fine cosmetics are sold."
  • "Wherever you are, you guys are the real stars of Funky Friday, and you are simply beautiful!"
  • "Mayor : Listen, Miss Bliss, I'm not sure how they do things in Ireland, or wherever it is that you're from, but around here, I wear the pants."
  • "I go wherever the wind blows me."

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