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wide: broad, extensive, big in width
Open wide and say "aaaahh". I need to see right inside your mouth!


  • "Delavigne is a company on the rise: we're finding new partners every day, our distribution network is wider than ever, and we are expanding our presence in Asian markets considerably."
  • "However, I would like to offer you a voucher for $1 off your next purchase from our wide soup range."
  • "The wide spiral staircase that rises up through the building is spectacular."
  • "Philip : A little wider there Icarus, this is going to be a three-pointer."
  • "We do have a wide selection of beverages: red wine, white wine, vodka, whiskey, cognac, apple juice, orange juice, ginger ale, soda, even Fresca."
  • "You open your mouth real wide, and I see if I can hit it with one of these tasty little chocolates."
  • "Dr. Loblaw : Okay Mr. Connors, open wide and say "ahh"."
  • "Jason : There's a wide variety of openings."
  • "The "power suit" originated in the 1980s, and was typified by wide shoulder pads and sharp angles."
  • "I brought my eyes wide shut mask and everything!"

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