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(a) wild (animal): (a) savage, ferocious (animal); (an animal) living free
to be wild about (something) to be very enthusiastic about (something)

(What a) wild (idea!): (That's a) crazy, outrageous, funny (idea!)
Pronunciation examples
UK: You drive me wild with desire.
US: I grew up in the wild wild west with only my wild wild horse and this wild wild pistol. Isn't that wild?


  • "Adios Horatio, you wild, naked guy"
  • "I'm a close friend of singer Elkie Johns and I've been to some pretty wild parties."
  • "I'm trying to tell Brian about my wild sex party, and you keep asking me all these personal questions about politics!"
  • "Really Brian, you and your wild imagination."
  • "It makes me feel like a big man to shoot bears, rabbits, deer, ducks of course, the occasional wild turkey, geese, hell I'll shoot a squirrel if I'm drunk enough-"
  • "This party is wild!"
  • "wild applause"
  • "Our mission is to track a wild dolphin and determine if communication is possible outside the aquarium. Admiral Jones, take us down!"
  • "Let's be honest, you never know who you might offend with your wild and uneducated views on government, so why say anything at all?"
  • "Jean : Ahem, today I would like to discuss the plight of the wild pigeon."

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