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to wish: to want, to desire, to hope for
I would like to wish you a happy birthday. I really hope you have a wonderful day!
I wish to start on this project immediately. I want to begin right now.

a wish: a desire, a hope, a dream
Make a wish. Ask secretly for something you want.
Best wishes for a happy new year. We hope that all your dreams come true!
To get your wish. To have your wish come true.

to pass on, to send one's best wishes: to express (via another person) your desire for a person to be happy and healthy


  • "Though I am still mourning Stink (a period which will last 40 days and 40 nights), I have decided to communicate to you my wishes for your atonement."
  • "Philip : Wish I'd go away?"
  • "As we wrote in our press release, we would like to announce that Horatio Oléré, in conjunction with the Delavigne Corporation, wishes to make a donation of 10 million euros."
  • "Still, I wish we were at the staff party next door."
  • "He sends his best wishes to you all."
  • "Steffi : We wish to have the Moulin Magic and the Amazon Passion."
  • "Sometimes I just wish I could kiss the pain right out of you."
  • "I wish there were enough room on my screen to display both documents at the same time!"
  • "(We wish he'd go away)"
  • "Fans of the punk group "Down with the Duke" will finally get their wish when the band makes its highly anticipated comeback tomorrow night at the Free Trade Room in New York City."

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