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with: accompanying; including; next to; using
I will go with you, so you are not alone.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Are you with me or against me?
US: I live with my mother.


  • "Last I heard you were happily married with a child on the way."
  • "What I really needed was to spend a bit of time with my best mates Samantha and Jenny, who I've known for ages."
  • "Susie : So there I was with my best mates, and it was just like old times again, before I became CEO of Delavigne, before Jean proposed marriage, before Bruno took me away in his helicopter."
  • "That's right, I'm at home with my family."
  • "Susie : Well Samantha, I'll be honest with you."
  • "Then in the middle of the ceremony, you fly away in a helicopter with your boss?"
  • "Susie : Well I was with a man, but it, it's not what you think."
  • "with the doors closed."
  • "Youri say that Kalack country was created when giant salamander Bourishnakov make kisses and sexy time with Yabadev the Cruel."
  • "There was something wrong with Bruno in Paris, and in Kalackistan."

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