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within (24 hours): in less than, in under (24 hours)
Please reply within the week or it will be too late.
They were hired within one week of each other, and went to lots of training sessions together.
I live within minutes of city hall and I can walk there in three minutes.

within (the company, the team): in, inside (the company, the team)
The rules within the prison are strict, but outside of the prison you can do anything.
There has been a major disagreement within the government: lots of internal fighting.
You may only build within the limits of your property, outside of those limits you are breaking the law.

Other uses:

I don't know if I am capable of living within my means. I don't know if I am capable of spending less money than I earn.
It is imperative that we stay within the budget. We must not exceed the budget.

(I know where she is) within (1 km): (I know where she is) to around, inside of (1 km)
Pronunciation examples
UK: We promise to deliver your hot pizza within 30 minutes.
US: This information must stay within the family.


  • "In the event of a layover due to a delayed flight, hotel accommodation will be provided within the airport."
  • "Of the many trendy movements gaining popularity within elitist circles, the "local food" movement may have the most momentum. The term describes the growing preference of some consumers to eat only locally or regionally-produced food rather than food which has traveled great distances before arriving on their plate."
  • "Please let me know what steps you will take to remove this material within 15 working days of the date you received this letter."
  • "One of the cheapest, safest, and most sociable ways of traveling within the United States is the Greendog network of buses."
  • "Must be cool under pressure, stress-resistant, work well both independently and within a team. We are looking for a detail-oriented, reliable and experienced team leader."
  • "The information presented within my self-published book is not strictly speaking "legal" or "admissible" in a court of law."
  • "Icarus : Using high pitch frequencies emitted by the global positioning device in Bruno's helicopter, and then cross referencing them both with the amount of fuel in the helicopter as well as all known latitude and longitudes in both the eastern and western hemispheres, I was able to project Bruno and Susie's trajectory and landing location within one kilometer!"
  • "You'll find the answers you are seeking within."
  • "An additional argument is that foods obtained within a 150 mile (240 km) radius of your home will likely taste better than those which have been packaged, flown, shipped or driven over longer distances."
  • "He said "within 48 hours", if I'm not mistaken."

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