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a witness: an observer, a spectator, someone who sees something (for example a crime)
Two witnesses saw you commit this murder.

to witness (a murder): to see, to observe (a murder)
It is necessary to distinguish this word from the following legal terms:

a testimony evidence, a legal declaration, a statement
to testify to declare, to certify, to state

Pronunciation examples
UK: I once witnessed a serious car crash.
US: Can I get a witness from the congregation? Let me hear you say "amen" -"amen". Thank you Jesus.


  • "allowed me to witness the manufacturing process of a new perfume based on the scent of citrus fruits and mangoes."
  • "Peter : Sorry buddy, but you're a witness."
  • "Eye witness report by: CLIVE THE BEER VENDOR"
  • "Judge : The court will now hear the prosecution's first witness: Horatio Oléré."
  • "The beautiful planet you see before you is the most incredible thing you've ever witnessed."
  • "The events took place late last night at a trendy bar in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood, where witnesses reported seeing an altercation between two men arguing over the television program being shown."
  • "Brian : So, the dog was a witness."
  • "Here is my report of events I witnessed over the day."
  • "Dr. Gilchrist : Now, you're about to witness something shocking, watch."
  • "When Bruno witnessed Horatio's skill and his spectacular organ, he was inspired."

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