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to wrestle: to battle, to fight; to struggle
Did you see Kevin wrestle the intern for two dollars? He pushed him to the floor and held him down until he gave it to him.

wrestling: a sport where two people fight and try to throw each other to the ground
Pronunciation examples
UK: I can wrestle a crocodile with one hand behind my back.
US: I went to a wrestling match between two women yesterday, it was wild.
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  • "Your lips are like two satin pillows wrestling each other in a battle to conquer your face."
  • "I was just teaching Edward some new Greco-Roman wrestling techniques."
  • "Said one drunk bar patron, 'This one guy wanted to watch a show about midget bachelorettes in bikinis, then this other dude, a big guy with a beard and a mustache and a lot of tattoos, he wanted to watch a wrestling match."
  • "What about football and girls and wrestling?"
  • "So whether you're wrestling market trends or man-eating alligators, Outback Cologne is sure to give you an edge on the competition."

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