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to write: to inscribe, to compose (using a pen); to correspond
This is an irregular verb:
I write / I wrote / I have written

a writer: an author, a novelist, a correspondent

(I need confirmation) in writing: (I need you to confirm this) on paper, in written form


  • "Spanish: Fluent - Written, Read and Spoken"
  • "I'm writing because I'm contractually obliged to remind you that today is the "Delavigne talent show", also known as "Delavigne's got talent"."
  • "I am using my last silk scarf to write you this note, please forgive the ink-stained fabric."
  • "I apologise that this note is written on toilet paper."
  • "Edward : Hello everyone, this is a song I wrote over the Christmas period, when I was alone."
  • "If you were really in the closet, "writing lyrics", then read us what you wrote!"
  • "Edward : Well, I think I should write all the songs for the contests."
  • "English: Fluent - Written, Read and Spoken"
  • "Bob in Los Angeles writes: Susie: How do you balance work and family?"
  • "I am writing to you from my countryside cottage in Yorkshire, where my forced retirement is driving me crazy."

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