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yoga: a form of stretching and meditation originating in India

yogic: relating to yoga


  • "Glen : Alright everyone, we're approaching the end of our yogic journey."
  • "My yoga sessions help me clear my mind and purify my spirit."
  • "Glen : Well, I have a bachelor's degree in accounting, a masters in linguistics, a doctorate in philosophy and I'm a certified yoga instructor."
  • "Yoga? Dream journal?"
  • "In spite of my blinding rage and abiding contempt for you, my yoga guru has advised me that expressing myself to you via a letter may prove therapeutic, which is why I am penning the present missive from my retreat, high atop the Himalayan peaks."
  • "Breathing is important in yoga, as it is in life."
  • "Every day, meditation. yoga. tea ."
  • "Brian : I mean, I think I love yoga."
  • "Luna DeLune: Ms. DeLune is apparently training to be a part time circus-yoga instructor (a combination of yoga, clowning, and partner acrobatics), and begins her first course early Friday evening."
  • "Tomorrow morning, in meeting room A, Glen will be leading our first collective yoga class."

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