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youth: adolescence, childhood; young people, teenagers, the younger generation
I was a rebel in my youth, but I calmed down in my 20s.
This is a youth club. You must be under 21 to enter.

a youth: a young person, an adolescent, a teenager
There are some youths playing football at the park. I asked if I could play but they told me "get lost old man!"

Pronunciation examples
UK: A gang of youths set fire to my car last night.
US: I was quite the rebel in my youth.


  • "This is just a reminder that tomorrow (14 August) I will be bringing a group of elementary school students to the offices as part of the Delavigne Cares program for underprivileged youths."
  • "What began as the dream of two ambitious Italian youths in Tuscany ended suddenly and brutally in a Milan boardroom last week when it was announced that fashion house Dulce and Carpaccio had been taken over by Sylvio Mazerati."
  • "He says that it reminds him of his youth in an Uzbekh clown prison, but did not elaborate."
  • "Fear of 'manboobs' contributed to the slump in sales of the Kalvin Krime 'Solo' range aimed at the youth market."
  • "He spent his youth perfecting his warrior and team leadership skills."
  • "I was thinking of a perfume that would appeal to youthful adults, but as well to adult youths."
  • "A quick-thinking pedestrian, who happened to pass by just as the suspicious youths entered the bank, helped police solve the crime in record time."

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