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Comment prononcer « plus » ?

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Comment prononcer « plus » ?

The adverb plus has different pronunciations depending on its positive and negative meaning.
•  When plus has a positive meaning (e.g., more, extra, additional), we pronounce the s at the end [plys].
On veut plus de devoirs à l’école. We want more homework at school. Je t’aime plus que tout. I love you more than anything.
Victor a plus d’imagination que moi. Victor has more imagination than me. Trois plus deux égale(nt) cinq. Three plus two equals five.
•  When plus has a negative meaning (e.g., ‘no more’, ‘any more’), we don’t pronounce the s at the end [ply].
On veut plus de devoirs à l’école. We don’t want any more homework at school.
Nous n’avons plus de travail. We have no more work.
J’ai trop mangé, je n’en veux plus. I ate too much, I don’t want anymore.
Note: If plus is followed by an adjective or adverb starting with a consonant, we don’t pronounce the s, even if the meaning is positive.
L’AIGF est plus moderne depuis qu’il y a un ascenseur. The AIGF is more modern since there is an elevator.
Nous allons rester plus longtemps. We’re going to stay for longer.

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