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Exprimer son opinion

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Exprimer son opinion

Here are some ways we can express our opinion in French:

Using verb expressions like croire que (to believe that), penser que (to think that), trouver que (to find, feel that), être sûr(e) que (to be sure that), être certain (que) (to be certain that), douter que (to doubt that), etc.
Je crois qu’il va pleuvoir demain. I believe that it will rain tomorrow.
Tout le monde trouve que Victor Hugo est un bon écrivain. Everyone thinks that Victor Hugo is a great writer.
Il ne pense pas que le français soit très difficile. He doesn’t think that French is very difficult.
Il me semble qu’il va faire beau cet après-midi. It seems (to me) that the weather will be good this afternoon.
Using these expressions: Selon moi (I think, in my opinion), à mon avis (in my opinion), pour moi (for me, to me).
Selon moi, Victor Hugo est un bon écrivain. In my opinion, Victor Hugo is a great writer.
À mon avis, il va pleuvoir demain. In my opinion, it will rain tomorrow.
The verbs croire que, penser que, trouver que, être sûr(e) que, etc. are followed by the indicative in the affirmative form. The indicative is a fancy word for everything that isn’t conditional, subjunctive or imperative.
Je pense que c’est normal. I think that it’s normal.
Je suis sûre que tu peux le faire. I’m sure that you can do it.
In negative constructions, we can use either the subjunctive or the indicative, depending on the degree of certitude you’re expressing. Crazy, right?
Je ne pense pas que ce soit normal.
Je ne pense pas que c’est normal. I don’t think that it is / that is normal.

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