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La place des pronoms cod, coi (me, te, lui, leur... )

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La place des pronoms COD, COI (me, te, lui, leur... )

The COI (complement d’objet indirect) and COD (complement d’objet direct) pronouns (me, te, lui, leur...) are placed:
•  before the verb
•  before the auxiliary être or avoir
•  before the infinitive
Je te connais bien. I know you well. Je ne lui plais pas. I don’t please him.
Tu les as vus hier ? Did you see them yesterday? Tu ne leur as pas demandé d’argent ? You didn’t ask them for money?
Je peux vous aider ? Can I help you? Je vous prie de ne pas me déranger. Please don’t disturb me.
In the imperative, the pronouns are placed:
•  before the verb in the negative form
•  after the verb in the affirmative form
Note: In the affirmative form, me becomes moi and te becomes toi.
Ne me trompe pas ! Don’t deceive me! Ne lui dis rien ! Don’t tell him anything!
Sauvez-le, il se noie ! Save him, he’s drowning! Donne-lui la main ! Give him your hand!
Dis-moi tout Tell me everything. Tais-toi, tu dis que des bêtises ! Be quiet, you’re talking rubbish.
When we use two pronouns in the same sentence, the indirect object pronouns me, te, se, nous, vous go before the direct object pronoun PRONOMS COD.
Victor me donne sa photo. Il me la donne. Victor is giving me his photo. He is giving it to me.
Je t’offre ces fleurs. Je te les offre. I’m offering you these flowers. I’m offering them to you.
Exceptions: the indirect object pronouns lui and leur go after the direct object pronouns PRONOMS COD.
Victor lui donne sa photo. Victor la lui donne. Victor is giving him his photo. Victor is giving his photo to him.
Je leur offre ces fleurs. Je les leur offre. I’m offering these flowers to them. I’m offering them to them.
In the imperative mood, COD pronouns are placed in front of COI pronouns.
Donne-la-lui ; Offre-les-leur ; Prends-le-moi Give it to her; Give them (to them); Get it for me.

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