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Le passé composé

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Le passé composé

The passé composé (the compound past tense) is used to describe past events or actions.
La semaine dernière, j’ai commencé à apprendre le français. commencer, passé composé
Last week, I started to learn French.
The passé composé is formed using the present tense form of être and avoir + past participle of the main verb:
manger j’ai mangé manger, passé composé to eat I ate
dormir tu as dormi dormir, passé composé to sleep you slept
tomber nous sommes tombés tomber, passé composé to fall we fell

Here are some examples of how to form the past participle:

aller il est allé
he went, he has gone
vouloir il a voulu
he wanted
tuer il a tué
he killed, he has killed
pouvoir il a pu
he was able to

voir il a vu
he saw, he has seen

venir il est venu
he came, he has come

finir il a fini
he (has) finished
avoir il a eu
he had
sortir il est sorti
he went out
dire il a dit
he said
dormir il a dormi
he slept
faire il a fait
he did, he made

être il a été
he was, he has been

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