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Les verbes en -ir comme dormir au présent

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Les verbes en -ir comme dormir au présent

Verbs that end in -ir, such as dormir (to sleep) and partir (to leave), are conjugated in the present tense in the following manner. The same goes for sentir (to feel/smell), servir (to serve), sortir (to go out), mentir (to lie, to fib), se repentir (to be sorry, repent), etc.
dormir en
Je dors
Tu dors
Il dort
Nous dormons
Vous dormez
Ils dorment

Victor dort toute la journée. Victor sleeps the whole day long.
These verbs have 2 roots. For the je, tu, and il/elle forms, you must remove the final consonant of the root before adding the ending (partir par-). For the nous, vous, and ils/elles forms, keep the final consonant (partir part-).
partir je pars, tu pars, il/elle part - nous partons, vous partez, ils/elles partent -to leave I leave, you leave, he/she leaves - we leave, you leave, they leave
sortir je sors, tu sors, il/elle sort - nous sortons, vous sortez, ils/elles sortent -to go out I go out, you go out, he/she goes out - we go out, you go out, they go out
mentir je mens, tu mens, il/elle ment - nous mentons, vous mentez, ils/elles mentent -to lie I lie, you lie, he/she lies - we lie, you lie, they lie

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