Prepositions and days of the week

Usually we don't use a preposition in front of days of the week (les jours de la semaine).
Lundi je suis allée à la piscine. On Monday I went to the swimming pool.
On se voit mardi. We're seeing each other on Tuesday.
When describing habits, we use the construction le + the day of the week.

Le lundi, je vais à la piscine (= tous les lundis). On Mondays I go to the swimming pool.
Victor sort toujours le vendredi soir. Victor always goes out on Friday evenings.

Note: We use the preposition à + the day of the week to express the day when we will see that person again.
Salut, à mardi ! See you on Tuesday!
À jeudi c’est ça ? Non, à vendredi ! See you on Thursday, no? No, see you on Friday!

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