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Savoir ou connaître ?

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Savoir ou connaître ?

Savoir and Connaître are both translated as to know, however they are used in different contexts.
Here are some differences between the two.


•  une chose : to know a fact.
- J’ai toujours raison. - Je sais.
- I’m always right. - I know.

•  + infinitif : to know how to do something.
Je sais parler français.
I know how to speak French.

•  + que, comment, quand...
Je sais qu’il apprend le français.
I know that he’s learning French.


•  une personne : to know a person or to know that they exist.
Je connais Victor, nous sommes amis.
I know Victor, we’re friends.

•  un endroit: to know a place or have already visited it.
Je connais Paris, j’y ai vécu 3 ans.
I know Paris, I lived there for 3 years.

•  une chose : to know something and have already seen it.
Je connais ce livre, je l’ai déjà lu.
I know this book, I have already read it.

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