The near future

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The near future

The futur proche is called the ‘near future’ in English, close in meaning to ‘going to + infinitive’. It is used to describe actions that will happen very soon.
Rentrez vite ! Il va pleuvoir ! Come back quickly! It’s going to rain!
Attention, tu vas tomber ! Watch out, you’re going to fall!
It is also used for upcoming events that will occur in the near or not-so-near future.
Je vais rester à Paris pendant trois ou quatre ans. I’m going to stay in Paris for three or four years.
Allez-vous revenir un jour à Montréal ? Are you going to come back to Montreal one day?
We use the present tense form of aller aller, présent + infinitive of the main verb. Here’s the construction for nager (to swim):
je vais nager
tu vas nager
il/elle/on va nager
nous allons nager
vous allez nager
ils/elles vont nager
« Veuillez attacher votre ceinture, nous allons décoller dans quelques instants. »

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