The sounds ou, u and o

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The sounds ou, u and o

•  The letter u is pronounced (phonetically, it is written [y]). Listen to the following terms and if you feel like it have a go repeating them.
Tu you
Des lunettes glasses
Salut hi
Note: The past participle of the verb avoir, eu, is pronounced like the letter u.
J’ai eu I’ve had
•  The letters ou are pronounced . It is represented by the IPA pronunciation symbol [鈥塽鈥塢 and can be written ou, o霉, o没, ao没, oux, oug, oue, etc.
Ouvrir la bouche to open the mouth
Doux kind, gentle, soft
Co没ter to cost
•  The [o] sound is pronounced . It can be written as o, ot, eau, au, and aux.
De l’eau some water
All ? hello?
Au boulot ! (let’s get) to work!
•  Listen carefully to the difference between the following three sounds:
Vu seen
Vous you
Vos you
Note: There is also an open ‘o’ sound [蓴]. Example: le sport or formidable .

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