Verbs ending in -enir in the conditional present

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Verbs ending in -enir in the conditional present

The verbs tenir (to hold) and venir (to come) are conjugated in the present conditional in the following manner. The same goes for their derivatives, devenir (to become), se souvenir (to remember), appartenir (to belong to), etc.
tenir en
Je tiendrais
Tu tiendrais
Il tiendrait
Nous tiendrions
Vous tiendriez
Ils tiendraient
venir en
Je viendrais
Tu viendrais
Il viendrait
Nous viendrions
Vous viendriez
Ils viendraient
Même si Victor se trompait, je le soutiendrais. Even if Victor were wrong, I would support him.
Si je vous invitais à mon anniversaire, viendriez-vous ? If I invited you to my birthday, would you come?

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