Verbs ending in -enir in the subjunctive

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Verbs ending in -enir in the subjunctive

The verbs tenir (to hold), and venir (to come) are conjugated in the subjunctive in the following manner. The same goes for their derivatives, devenir (to become), se souvenir (to remember), appartenir (to belong to), etc.
tenir en
Que je tienne
Que tu tiennes
Qu’il tienne
Que nous tenions
Que vous teniez
Qu’ils tiennent
venir en
Que je vienne
Que tu viennes
Qu’il vienne
Que nous venions
Que vous veniez
Qu’ils viennent
Il faut que tu viennes à ma fête ! You must come to my party!
Note: In general, the subjunctive is used with verbs which express will or wanting, desire, emotion, obligation, doubt or uncertainty.

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