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Any more - no more

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(Alice doesn't live here) anymore: (Alice) no longer (lives here), (Alice doesn't live here) now
As one word, anymore is used in negative and interrogative constructions to describe a lack of something OR to express a current state (similar to the term "nowadays"):

Jane doesn't work here anymore. She now works at another company.
They don't make cars like this anymore. They stopped production in 1988.

(Are there) any more (paper clips?): (Are there) any (paper clips) left?
In interrogative constructions, any more is used when we are unsure of the possible response. In negative constructions, it is used to describe a lack or absence of something:

Do you have any more ideas? Can you think of one more?
I don't have any more ideas. I don't have another suggestion for you.

(I have) no more (time): (I have) no (time) left, (my time) has finished
No more is used in affirmative constructions to describe a lack or absence of something. Rarely, "no more" is used in affirmative constructions to describe the end of an action:

I have no more patience with my boyfriend. It's all gone!
I will tolerate your behaviour no more. (archaic)

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