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around: about, approximately, roughly, near to; on all sides of, surrounding
There are around 800,000 people living in this city. We're not sure of the exact figure.
I'll be back around 2 p.m, although it may be a bit later depending on the traffic.
The neighbor's cat likes to walk around our house.
Is he around?: Is he here, available, close by?
(Is there a post office) around (here) ?: (Is there a post office) close to, near to (here)?
I traveled around Europe. I started in Portugal and went all the way to Poland.
There are frogs all around us. We are surrounded by them!
You'll find a stapler somewhere around there.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Hello, is Simon around?
US: No, Simon is traveling around the world. He should be back around May.

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