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to catch: to capture, discover, manage to do something
Some useful expressions:
to catch a plane (to arrive in time) to take an airplane journey
to catch a film to go to see a film
to catch someone off guard to take someone by surprise
to catch somebody's attention to attract someone's attention
I managed to catch her. I succeeded in seeing her.
We got caught in the storm. We were outside when the bad weather arrived.
to catch a cold to become ill or sick, especially during winter

This is an irregular verb:
I catch / I caught / I have caught
(my jacket is) caught (in the door): (my jacket is) stuck, trapped (in the door)
a catch: a problem, a hitch, an obstacle, a sticking point

Pronunciation examples
UK: I have to catch a flight, so that I can catch a movie.
US: I went to a baseball game and caught the ball.

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