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to damage: to harm, to hurt, to put in danger
Our new cat has already damaged the sofa. He has scratched the material already!
Excessive exposure to the sun is damaging to your health. It's a dangerous activity.
damage: harm, hurt, danger, injury
1,000 dollars' worth of damage was done to the car. It's in a very bad state!
earthquake damage destruction caused by an earthquake
The damage is already done. It's already ruined.
damages (legal term): money paid to someone for causing them injury or loss (legal term)
I've already paid 5,000 in damages. That's money I had to pay because when I crashed my car, I broke my neighbor's fence.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Our new cat has already managed to damage the couch.
US: 1,000 dollars' worth of damage was done to my new car.

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