to give: to donate, to make a present of, to award, to supply verb

This is an irregular verb:
I give / I gave / I have given
a gift: a present, a donation, an offering, a contribution noun
a gift shop a shop that sells articles appropriate as presents
given (the situation...): bearing in mind, considering, taking into account (the situation...) idiom
Given the current situation in Iraq, I wouldn't recommend a holiday there. It is a very dangerous place at the moment.

UK: I'm here to give you your birthday present.
US: I gave her 500 dollars for the antique phone.
  • "Owner : I can't give you a refund, but I can replace him with another animal."
  • "Let's give them one more round of applause: give it up for Jermaine and Marlene!"
  • "In closing, we would be pleased if you would give us your reply as soon as possible."
  • "Give me the paint, there is much work to be done!"
  • "Philip : Well, how are we going to discover what superpowers the milkshakes have given us?"
  • "Give it to me!"
  • "Milkshakes that will give you superpowers!"
  • "Anyway gentlemen, come sit on my knee and I shall give you your gifts."
  • "Please give a warm Comedy Factory welcome to Dr. Jermaine Gilchrist!"
  • "Come, give me hug!"

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