an herb (US), a herb (UK): an aromatic plant used mostly in cooking, for example basil, thyme, etc. noun
Note that in the UK, the "h" in "herb" is pronounced and the term is preceded by the article "a", whereas in the US, the "h" is silent and is preceded by "an".

UK: Basil is my favourite herb.
US: Basil is the only herb I don't like.
  • "Oléré practiced alternative medicine in the heart of the Amazon, and used herbs and plants from the rainforest for holistic purposes."
  • "Xavier taught Bruno all that he knew about herbs, flowers, alcohols and chemicals."
  • "As for your various "herbal" requests, I'm afraid that they just aren't that popular around the office."
  • "Oléré practiced alternative medicine using herbs and plants from the rainforest."
  • "- The herb garden is not an "all you can smoke" buffet."
  • "As for your various "herbal" requests, I'm afraid that they just aren't realistic."
  • "He often visited the garden, where he gathered flowers and herbs."
  • "Too many herbal teas, perhaps."

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