a reserve: a store, a stock, a supply, a spare noun
We will survive the food shortage due to my reserve of tinned food.
to reserve: to book, to prearrange, to keep, to hold, to save, to buy in advance verb
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. So if we have good reason to not serve you, we won't!
I would like to reserve a table for two under the name Chang. We'll be arriving at the restaurant at 9 PM.
  • "I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to the first of a series of focus groups the marketing department will be holding over the coming weeks, so please reserve the above date in your diaries."
  • "Call 1-800-SPACE-BASE now and reserve your flight!"
  • "I reserved my flight today."
  • "I'm also aware that Tuesdays are typically reserved for your private talks with Susie."
  • "Brian : Well, I was just about to phone a hotel to reserve a room for Bruno's trip to New York next month."
  • "Brian : The company rents the entire building, but the fourth floor is reserved for our executive offices, the boardroom, the laboratory and a lounge."
  • "I'm afraid the 401(k) plans are reserved for full-time, salaried employees."
  • "This next wine is from our private reserve."
  • "I also know that Tuesdays are typically reserved for your meetings with Susie."

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