to hold (something): to have, to keep (something) in one's hand usually temporarily verb
Please hold my hand, I'm scared.

This is an irregular verb:
I hold / I held / I have held
to hold a position: to occupy, to have a position or role verb
Bruno has held the position of CEO at the Delavigne Corp. for over 25 years.
to hold a conversation to have a conversation, to talk
to hold a meeting to have a meeting
Hold the phone! Stop! Wait a minute
hold the line Don't hang up, don't put down the telephone
(The competition is) being held (in Australia): (The competition) is happening, is taking place, is organized (in Australia) verb

UK: I am too drunk to hold a conversation.
US: Please hold my hand, I'm scared.
  • "And where are the Olympic games being held this year, Lotsa?"
  • "After six months of record sales, Philip was awarded the position of Director, which he held ever since."
  • "I have held this position for more than ten years, but am just now taking over your account from Luke Gabriels, who has moved on to other challenges in this industry."
  • "If you turn off your light, I'll hold your hand."
  • "Why don't you hold hands?"
  • "Edward : They can wave to a friend or hold power tools."
  • "(A handkerchief held in front of the mouth and nose would work out at just 40 cents per unit."
  • "Further to our conversation, here is a brief summary of the current policy you hold with Ouch Insurance."
  • "Wow, I'm holding an E-Phone!"

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