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within (24 hours): in less than, in under (24 hours)
Please reply within the week or it will be too late.
They were hired within one week of each other, and went to lots of training sessions together.
I live within minutes of city hall and I can walk there in three minutes.
within (the company, the team): in, inside (the company, the team)
The rules within the prison are strict, but outside of the prison you can do anything.
There has been a major disagreement within the government: lots of internal fighting.
You may only build within the limits of your property, outside of those limits you are breaking the law.
Other uses:
I don't know if I am capable of living within my means. I don't know if I am capable of spending less money than I earn.
It is imperative that we stay within the budget. We must not exceed the budget.
(I know where she is) within (1 km): (I know where she is) to around, inside of (1 km)

Pronunciation examples
UK: We promise to deliver your hot pizza within 30 minutes.
US: This information must stay within the family.

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