And vos, what do you know about it? the pronoun vos

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And vos, what do you know about it? The pronoun vos

The pronoun vos is used in different parts of Latin America (mainly Argentina, Uruguay and some Central American countries) instead of , to speak informally to a singular “you”. 

Vos sos el mejor empleado del hotel.

You are the hotel's best employee.

It has its own conjugations in three tenses: simple present, imperative and present subjunctive. This is how we form the simple present:

  • To conjugate an -ar or-er verb, take the vosotros/as conjugation for that verb and remove the i at the end:

Vosotros trabajáis trabajar, presente Vos trabajás.

You (plural, informal) work You (singular, informal) work.

Vosotras sois ser, presente Vos sos.

You (plural, informal) are You (singular, informal) are.

  • For -ir verbs,  the conjugation for vos is the same as for vosotros/as:

Vosotras vivís vivir, presente Vos vivís.

You (plural, informal) live You (singular, informal) live.

In the other tenses, the conjugations for vos are the same as for tú. 

 Vos fuiste mi primer novio. ser, pret. indefinido

You were my first boyfriend.

De pequeño, vos hablabas mucho. hablar, pret. imperf.

As a little boy, you talked a lot.


  • In some Latin American countries, + verb conjugated with the vos form, and vice versa, coexist.

Tú podés ir a la fiesta.

You can go to the party.

Vos tienes hambre.

You are hungry.

  • After a preposition, the pronoun vos is unchanged.

Te quiero a vos.

I love you.

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