Colour agreement

All colours must agree in number with the word they refer to.

Un coche rojo, dos coches rojos.

One red car, two red cars.

Un barco azul, unos barcos azules.

A blue boat, blue boats.

Una casa amarilla, unas casas amarillas.

A yellow house, yellow houses.

The following colours also agree in gender with the word to which they refer: rojo/a (red); amarillo/a (yellow); negro/a (black); blanco/a (white); and morado/a (purple).

Un pájaro amarillo, una botella amarilla.

A yellow bird, a yellow bottle.

Un bolso blanco, una camisa blanca.

A white bag, a white shirt.

The following colours never change in terms of gender: azul (blue); verde (green); naranja (orange); gris (grey); rosa (pink), lila (lilac) and violeta (violet).

Un barco azul, una bicicleta azul.

A blue boat, a blue bike.

Un balón gris, una mesa gris.

A gray ball, a gray table.

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