I'm sorry! Expressing regret

A simple way of expressing regret is to say lo siento / lo lamento (I'm sorry).

Me equivoqué, lo siento/lo lamento.

I made a mistake, I'm sorry.

Other ways of expressing regret:

  • Lamentar (to be sorry about, to regret)

Lamentamos haber llegado tarde.

Sorry we're late – literally “We're sorry to have arrived late”.

Lamento llamar a esta hora.

I'm sorry to call at this hour.

  • Sentir (to be sorry about, to regret)

Siento haber sido desagradable.

I'm sorry for having been disagreeable. 

Sentimos tu pérdida.

We are sorry for your loss, We feel your loss.

  • Arrepentirse (to regret, to repent)

Me arrepiento de haber venido.

I regret having come, I regret coming.

  • Ojalá (I wish) + (no) + past perfect subjunctive

Ojalá hubiera dicho algo.  decir, subj. pret. pluscuamperfecto

I wish I had said something.

Ojalá no hubiera comprado tantas cosas. comprar, subj. pret. pluscuamperfecto

I wish I hadn't bought so many things.

Note: lamentar, sentir and arrepentirse follow these structures: 

  • lamentar / arrepentirse de + haber + past participle
  • lamentar / sentir + infinitive or noun

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