Introducir (to introduce), producir (to produce) … The simple past of verbs ending in -ucir

In the simple past, verbs ending in -ucir are irregular and change the -c- of the infinitive to a -j- with all the pronouns.

Introducir → Ella introdujo

To introduce She introduced

Producir → Yo produje

To introduce I introduced

Traducir → Nosotros tradujimos

To translate → We translated

They are conjugated like this:

Yo introduje
Tú introdujiste
Él/ella/usted introdujo
Nosotros/as introdujimos
Vosotros/as introdujisteis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes introdujeron

Producir en
Yo produje
Tú produjiste
Él/ella/usted produjo
Nosotros/as produjimos
Vosotros/as produjisteis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes produjeron

Yo traduje
Tú tradujiste
Él/ella/usted tradujo
Nosotros/as tradujimos
Vosotros/as tradujisteis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes tradujeron

Other verbs that share this irregularity are conducir (to drive), inducir (to induce), reproducir (to reproduce), seducir (to seduce), deducir (to deduce) and reducir (to reduce).

Conduje 4 horas seguidas conducir, pret. indefinido.

I drove for 4 hours without stopping.

Dedujimos que no querías venir deducir, pret. indefinido.

We deduced that you didn't want to come.

Note: lucir (to shine/to show off), as well as its derivative verbs relucir (to glitter, to sparkle), deslucir (to fade, to spoil) etc., does not follow this pattern and is regular in the simple past.

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