Irregular verbs in the imperative: contar (to count), volver (to return), dormir (to sleep), etc.

Some verbs change their stem from o to ue in the imperative:

Recordar → Recuerda

To remember → Remember

Devolver → Devuelve

To return → Return

Dormir → Duerme

To sleep → Sleep

They are conjugated as follows:

Encontrar en
(tú) encuentra
(usted) encuentre
(nosotros/as) encontremos
(vosotros/as) encontrad
(ustedes) encuentren
Volver en
(tú) vuelve
(usted) vuelva
(nosotros/as) volvamos
(vosotros/as) volved
(ustedes) vuelvan
Dormir en
(tú) duerme
(usted) duerma
(nosotros/as) durmamos
(vosotros/as) dormid
(ustedes) duerman

Some common verbs that follow this pattern: contar (to count), soñar (to dream), doler (to hurt) and mover (to move).

Cuenta hasta diez.

Count to ten.

Muevan los brazos.

Move your arms.

Note: These verbs have the same irregular patterns in the present simple.

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