Making comparisons

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Making comparisons

This is how we construct comparatives with adjectives, adverbs and nouns:

  • Superiority (+): más (…) + que (more… + than)

Magda es más amable que Carolina.

Magda is more pleasant than Carolina.

  • Inferiority (-):

menos (…) que (less…than)

Nacho es menos inteligente que Ana.

Nacho is less clever than Ana.

no (verb) + tan (…) como (as…as)

Nacho no es tan inteligente como Ana.

Nacho is not as intelligent as Ana.

  • Equality (=):

tan (…) como (as…as)

El coche es tan rápido como la moto.

Cars are as fast as bikes.

tanto/a (…) como (as much/many…as)

Betty tiene tantos años como el hotel.

Betty is as old as the hotel.

igual de (…) que (as/equally…as)

El coche es igual de rápido que la moto.

The car is as fast as the motorbike.

With verbs, this is how we construct comparatives:

  • Superiority (+): verb + más que (more than)

Carolina come más que Ana.

Carolina eats more than Ana.

  • Inferiority (-):

verb + menos que (less than) 

Rodrigo trabaja menos que Magda.

Rodrigo works less than Magda.

no + verb + tanto como (as much as)

Rodrigo no trabaja tanto como Magda.

Rodrigo doesn't work as much as Magda.

  • Equality (=): verb + tanto como (as much as)

El coche corre tanto como la moto.

Cars are as fast as bikes.

Note: when comparatives are formed with a verb that has a dependent preposition (hablar de…, colaborar con…, etc.), we place the preposition after the word/s expressing the comparison.

Él habla más de ti que de ella.

He speaks more of you than of her.

Me preocupo menos por el dinero que por la salud.

I worry less about money than about health.

Colaboramos tanto con España como con Argentina.

We collaborate both with Spain and with Argentina.

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