¡No hables! (Don't speak!) – Formulating prohibitions

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¡No hables! (Don't speak!) – Formulating prohibitions

Reminder: the imperative is used to formulate orders, instructions, advice and direct requests in the affirmative.

Hablemos hablar, imperativo presente

Let's talk.

Ven venir, imperativo presente


To formulate negative prohibitions and advice, we use the structure no + present subjunctive.

(tú) no fumes
(usted) no fume
(nosotros/as) no fumemos
(vosotros/as) no fuméis
(ustedes) no fumen
(tú) no comas
(usted) no coma
(nosotros/as) no comamos
(vosotros/as) no comáis
(ustedes) no coman


(tú) no escribas
(usted) no escriba
(nosotros/as) no escribamos
(vosotros/as) no escribáis
(ustedes) no escriban

Note: We can also formulate negative orders and requests with other negative words.

No entre aquí, tampoco hable por teléfono.

Don't come in here, and don't talk on the phone, either.

Nunca fume en el tren.

Never smoke in the train.

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