Pronouns with prepositions

When following a preposition (con, para, de, etc.), personal pronouns aren't always the same.

Pronombres personalesPronombres con preposición
para ti
él/ella/ustedcon él/ella/usted
nosotros/aspor nosotros/as
vosotros/assobre vosotros/as
ellos/ellas/ustedesde ellos/ellas/ustedes

Only two pronouns change: yo (I) changes to(me) and (you) changes to ti (you).

Podéis ir sin .

You can go without me.

Este regalo es para ti.

This gift is for you.


  • The preposition con (with) takes on a special form before the pronouns (me) or ti (you): con + = conmigo, con + ti = contigo.

Vienes conmigo a la playa.

You're coming to the beach with me.

Carolina no quiere hablar contigo.

Carolina doesn't want to speak to you.

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