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Que or de que

With some verbs we need to use the preposition de before que and with others not.

Carolina está segura de que Nacho llegará tarde.

Carolina is sure that Nacho will arrive late.

Pienso que llegaré tarde.

I think that I will arrive late.

Generally we use que with “thinking” verbs like: opinar (to think, to be of the opinion), decir (to say), creer (to believe), comentar (to comment), recordar (to remember), intuir (to intuit), pensar (to think) and suponer (to suppose).

Creo que hace calor.

I think (that) it's hot.

Recuerdo que llovía cuando nos conocimos.

I remember that it was raining when we met.

We generally use de que with the pronominal verbs acordarse (to remember), alegrarse (to be glad), arrepentirse (to regret), olvidarse (to forget).

Me alegro de que hayas encontrado trabajo.

I'm glad that you've found work.

Me olvidé de que era tu cumpleaños

I forgot that it was your birthday.

With the expression estar seguro/convencido (to be sure/convinced)

Estoy seguro de que ganaré la lotería.

I'm sure that I'll win the lottery.

Estaban convencidos de que Teo vivía en Madrid.

They were convinced that Teo lived in Madrid.

Tip: turning the sentence into a question can help us work out if we need to use de + que or just que.

¿De qué está seguro? → Está seguro de que mañana lloverá

What is he sure about? → He is sure that it will rain tomorrow.

¿Qué opina? → Opina que mañana lloverá

What does he think? → He thinks (that) it will rain tomorrow

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