Question words

These are the main question words in Spanish:

—¿Quién es Beatriz? —Beatriz es mi abuela.

-Who is Beatriz? -Beatriz is my grandmother.

—¿Quiénes hablan en la recepción? —Magda y Ana.

-Who is speaking at the reception? -Magda and Ana.

—¿Qué haces? —Estoy escribiendo una carta.

-What are you doing? -I'm writing a letter.

—¿Dónde vives? —Vivo en Bogotá.

-Where do you live? -I live in Bogotá.

—¿Cuál es tu color favorito? —El azul.

-What is your favorite color? -Blue.

—¿Cuándo regresas? —Regreso el sábado.

-When are you coming back? -I'll be back on Saturday.

—¿Cuántos años tienes? —Tengo 106 años.

-How old are you? -I'm 106.

—¿Cuánto vale esta camisa? —Vale 50 euros.

-How much is this shirt? -It's 50 euros.

—¿Cómo estás? —Muy bien, gracias.

-How are you? -Very well, thank you.

—¿Por qué estás aprendiendo español? —Porque me gusta el idioma.

-Why are you learning Spanish? -Because I like the language.

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