¿Se lo explicas? (Can you explain it to him?) Sentences with two object pronouns.

Reminder: indirect object pronouns replace a person, thing or animal, to avoid repetition.

Nacho pide un taxi a Ana → Nacho le pide un taxi.

Nacho orders a taxi for Ana → Nacho orders her a taxi.

When a sentence has both a direct object (DO) and an indirect object (IO) pronoun, the indirect one goes before the direct one.

Ana te (CI) da las llaves (CD) Ana te las da.

Ana gives you (IO) the keys (DO) Ana gives them to you, Ana gives you them.

¿Me (CI) pasas el azúcar (CD)? → ¿Me lo pasas?

Can you pass me (IO) the sugar (DO)? → Can you pass it to me?

The indirect object pronouns le and les change to se when they go before a 3rd person direct object pronoun (lo, la, los, las).

Le compré unos zapatosSe los compré.

I bought him some shoes I bought them for him, I bought him them

Entrégale el dinero → Entrégaselo.

Hand over the money to him Hand it over to him

Muéstrale la habitación → Muéstrasela.

Show her the room → Show it to her.

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