The main uses of uno and un

We use un Artículos indefinidos

  • Before masculine singular nouns.

Javier Bardem es un actor muy famoso.

Javier Bardem is a very famous actor.

Necesito un teléfono nuevo.

I need a new phone.

  • Before feminine singular nouns beginning with a stressed a- or ha-.

Tomaré un agua con gas.

I'll have a sparkling water.

Tengo un hambre horrible.

I'm terribly hungry (literally "I have a horrible hunger").

We use uno:

  • To replace a masculine singular noun that has already been mentioned or is implicit. 

Voy a tomar un café, ¿quieres uno? (uno = un café).

I'm going to have a coffee – do you want one? (one = a coffee)

  • Before the preposition de (of) to refer to a member of a set/group or to a date.

Él es uno de mis hermanos.

He is one of my brothers.

Nos vamos de vacaciones el uno de agosto.

We're off on vacation on the first of August.

  • After a masculine singular noun.

Comienzo a trabajar el día uno del próximo mes.

I start work on the first day (literally "the day one") of next month.

  • Before a verb in the 3rd person singular to make a generalization or express an opinion in a neutral way. 

Uno ya no sabe qué pensar.

One doesn't know what to think.

We use unos (some, a few):

  • Before masculine plural nouns.

El próximo mes tengo unos días de vacaciones.

Next month I have a few days' vacation.

  • To replace a masculine plural noun that has already been mentioned or is implicit.

Hay muchos niños en el parque; unos gritan más que otros (unos = algunos niños).

There are lots of children at the park; some yell more than others (some = some children).

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