The near future tense

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The near future tense

The construction of the near future tense: Present of ir (to go) ir, presente + a + infinitive

Voy a cocinar una paella.

I'm going to cook a paella.

Vas a comprar un libro.

You're going to buy a book.

Van a jugar un partido.

They're going to play a match.

The near future is used to express:

  • Actions or events that are about to happen:

El avión va a despegar en 5 minutos.

The plane is going to take off in five minutes.

Tengo hambre, voy a comer.

I'm hungry, I'm going to eat.

  • Future actions or events:

El próximo año vamos a vivir a México.

Next year we're going to live in Mexico.

¿Vas a venir a cenar el sábado?

Are you going to come to dinner on Saturday?

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