The preposition en

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The preposition en

We use the preposition en (in, on) to:

Talk about time

  • before the names of months

Tengo vacaciones en julio.

I have holidays in July.

  • before the names of seasons

Las flores están preciosas en primavera.

Flowers are beautiful in spring.

  • before specific dates (years, decades, centuries)

Me gradué en 2010.

I graduated in 2010.

Talk about locations

  • inside something (a room, house, street, city, country, etc.)

Estoy en el hotel.

I am in the hotel.

Lo puedes leer en la novela.

You can read it in the novel.

  • when something is on/on top of something.

Está en la mesa.

It is on the table.

  • when referring to a mode of transportation (="by")

Voy en coche al trabajo.

I go to work by car.

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