The pretérito indefinido (simple past tense) of regular verbs ending in -ar

The pretérito indefinido (simple past tense) is used for actions that started and ended in the past.

La semana pasada trabajé mucho.

I worked a lot last week.

Verbs ending in -ar such as hablar (to talk), caminar (to walk), and comenzar (to begin) are conjugated as follows:

Hablar en
Yo hablé
Tú hablaste
Él/ella/usted habló
Nosotros/as hablamos
Vosotros/as hablasteis
Ellos/ellas/ustedes hablaron

Ayer hablé con mi hijo.

I spoke to my son yesterday.

Ana bailó toda la noche.

Ana danced all night.

Cenaron juntos el mes pasado.

They had dinner together last month.

Note: the pretérito indefinido is often used with ayer (yesterday), anoche (last night), el otro día (the other day), and la semana pasada (last week).

Anoche cenamos verduras.

We had vegetables for dinner last night.


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