Agreement of colors

Reminder: masculine nouns ending in -o generally end in -i in the plural. Feminine nouns ending in -a generally end in -e in the plural.

Il quadro → i quadri

the painting → the paintings

La casa → le case

the house → the houses

Most colors agree in both gender and number (singular or plural) with the word they describe. These include rosso (red), azzurro (blue), nero (black), giallo (yellow), bianco (white) and grigio (gray).

Un divano giallo, due divani gialli

a yellow couch, two yellow couches

Una macchina rossa, due macchine rosse

a red car, two red cars

Colors ending in -e, such as verde (green), marrone (brown) and arancione (orange), only agree in the plural, when the -e ending becomes -i.

Un libro arancione, due libri arancioni

an orange book, two orange books

Una casa verde, due case verdi

a green house, two green houses

Some colors remain the same regardless of gender or number. These include blu (blue), viola (purple), beige (beige) and rosa (pink).

Il cielo blu, la valigia blu.

the blue sky, the blue suitcase.

I palazzi viola, le sedie viola.

the purple buildings, the purple chairs


  • The (masculine and feminine) plural forms of bianco (white) are bianchi and bianche and for grigio (gray) they are grigi and grigie.
  • We can make color adjectives by taking the names of certain materials and adding -ato/ata: argento (silver) → argentato/a (silver); oro (gold) dorato/a (golden); bronzo (bronze) bronzato/a (bronze).

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