Ancora or già?


  • Indicates an action beginning in the past and continuing in the present (“still”).

Lavoro ancora a scuola (continuo a lavorare in quella scuola)

I still work at the school (I continue to work at that school)

Studio ancora medicina (continuo a studiare medicina)

I'm still studying medicine (I continue to study medicine)

  • In negative sentences, it indicates an action that hasn't happened yet, but that we suppose will happen in the future (“not yet”).

Non ho ancora prenotato la camera (non l’ho prenotata, ma penso di farlo)

I've not yet booked the room (I've not booked it, but I plan to do so)

Non ha ancora inviato la lettera (non l’ha ancora fatto, ma pensa di farlo)

He's not yet sent the letter (he hasn't done it yet, but he plans to do so)


  • In the present tense, it indicates that the action has been completed (“already”).

Sono già pronta (sono pronta ora, prima del previsto)

I'm ready already (I'm ready now, earlier than expected)

Sono già a Milano (sono arrivata a Milano ora, prima del previsto)

I am already in Milan (I have arrived in Milan, earlier than expected)

  • In the past tense, it indicates that an action was already completed previously.

Ho già visto il film due volte (ho visto il film due volte in precedenza)

I have already seen the movie twice (I've seen it twice before)

Ne abbiamo già parlato (ne abbiamo parlato in precedenza)

We have already talked about this (we've talked about this before)

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