Asking questions

Questions that can be answered with (yes) or no (no) have the same word order as normal sentences, but end in a question mark.

– Vai a Milano? – Sì, ci vado spesso. 

–Are you going to Milan? –Yes, I go there a lot. 

– Maria cenerà con noi? – Sì, arriverà alle otto.

–Is Maria having dinner with us? –Yes, she'll be here at eight.

If you're asking for specific information, use a question phrase, then the verb, then the rest of the sentence (if needed).

– Quanto costa una birra? – Costa 3 euro.

–How much is a beer? –It's three euros.

– Dove abitate tu e Luisa adesso? – Adesso noi abitiamo a Milano.

–Where do you and Luisa live now? –We live in Milan now. 

Note: if you want to emphasize a part of the question, you can move that part of the question to the start or end. This is especially common when speaking.

Cenerà con noi Maria?

It's Maria who's coming to dinner, right?

A Milano vai?

You're going to Milan?

Toni quando ritorna?

When will Toni be back?

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